I was diagnosed with Gonadal Dysgenesis Type XX in February of 2003. This means I was born without ovaries, fallopian tubes, or eggs. I am pure female and have a perfectly good uterus. I just wasn’t born with all of the reproductive organs. I have been on BCP since I was 18.

Jake and I do not have your normal TTC since finding out that IVF, surrogacy, or adoption would be the only way we could have a child. After much thought, we decided to seek out a few specialists in the Minneapolis area and found Center for Reproductive Medicine. Our IVF journey began in March looking for an egg donor to now being in the two week wait!

Kolby is the proud owner of Flutter Bridal Boutique in Minneapolis, MN. She is passionate about fashion, boating, macarons, and her furbabies Lincoln, Farrah, and Mimi.

Jake is a Sr. Project Engineer at Polaris. He likes to wakesurf, work on the house and basement, snowboard, and mountain bike.

We are excited about growing our family and know the challenges we face. We look to you for support, encouragement, and humor during these times.


Jake and Kolby



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