Wilder’s “Wild” First Weeks

This little one is for sure keeping me on my toes. I just love when he lays on my chest and I can soak in that amazing new baby smell. Although right now, he’s laying on me and I’m trying to eat a Pop tart – so he most likely has crumbs in his hair.

I’m fortunate that I am able to leave the store in good hands because being a mom is a full time job. I totally get the maternity leave. I’m just sad that Jake doesn’t get as much time off because I feel like some dads really miss out on this bonding time. There have definitely been some stresses with the store (maintenance type stuff) that  hasn’t been fun to deal with, but the girls are rocking it.

So far, we have a pretty quiet baby. He really only cries or is fussy when he’s hungry or needs to be fed. He hasn’t been much of a napper and every other day I get maybe 3 hours of sleep. I try not to wake Jake at night because he’s back at work and needs his sleep. I always hope Wilder will sleep during the day – but he only does if it’s on me. And then I can’t really sleep. The couch can be a little uncomfortable.

When we left the hospital, Wilder weighed 6 lbs 6 oz. A nurse came to our house for a follow up that Saturday and he was down to 6 lbs. They get concerned when he loses 10% of his birth weight, so they suggested I start feeding every 2 hours. When we went to the doctor Monday, he weighed 6 lbs 9 oz. At his next appointment, he was 7 lbs 4 oz. He’s a growing boy and they are excited by his weight gain. We don’t go back until October for his 2 month check up! He’s also 24 inches now too.

We’ve been having a hard time at night because he doesn’t like his crib. As soon as you put him down, he wakes up and fusses. I’ve had to lay with him on me or next to me just so he’ll fall asleep. We do have a Fischer Price sleeper/rocker that he seems to sleep nice in. However, some girls I follow on Instagram have this thing called Dockatot that I would like to get. That could help with transitioning him to a crib. For now, my back hurts because I’m constantly snuggling him. And when I move him, he’s awake.

He’s also been cluster feeding a lot. So he can eat 5 mins every hour. Or he’ll wait 2 hrs to eat. The longest he went was 4 hours last night! It’s been a little hard because this momma has been a milk machine and is always awake. I don’t mind though. He’s only this small for a little while.

He also hates his car seat. I haven’t wanted to venture out too much on my own because he screams so bad in it. I do have a carrier that I’m getting used to using, but it’s still taking a while. I’ll get the hang of it soon. And hopefully be able to go out by myself with him soon.

His umbilical cord stump fell off as well, so now we can give him a real bath and not just a sponge bath! He will probably cry, but he’ll be all clean. He’s had a few poops/pees go through his clothes. He’s not a big fan of a pacifier yet, but maybe he will be. Not the end of the world, but we heard it can help prevent SIDS and also help with his refluxes.

I have been able to breastfeed which is amazing. I didn’t think my body would be able to do that! But with that, comes the hunger again. It’s crazy that I’ve already lost 25 lbs in two weeks, but I can’t tell because I’m eating just as much. I have to have snacks on my nightstand and table by the couch. I’ve also been monitoring my dairy intake. There have been a few times I’ve gotten sick from eating too much dairy. It hasn’t affected Wilder, but man it hit me hard. Poor Wilder and Jake. We were at Target and I had to leave a crying baby with Jake so I could make it to the bathroom. So, I’ve been cutting back and trying to figure out what I’m eating. Nothing seems to be having an effect on Wilder though.

I’m doing good and still healing. My tailbone is still very sore and it hurts to walk or stand up or sit down. Other things seem to be healing well. I’m still very hot all the time and did wake up sweating one night. Must be getting all the extra water weight out! I think I manage to shower every other day and have been taking baths and showers to help heal. I’ve had a few mood swings and I’ve cried a little. Sometimes, I just look at Wilder and cry because I’m amazed he grew inside me. I cry because he’s mine. I cry because he’s a little miracle.

Jake has been a great help with changing diapers and giving me a little break here and there. It’s hard for him because he can’t be moving and doing stuff all the time, but he’s managing. It does help when I’m feeding all the time that daddy can change the diaper.

I think Wilder does take after me a little too. He sneezes 2 to 3 times each time. He gets hiccups like me, and even sometimes makes weird noises like me. He looks just like Jake and moves his legs all the time like Jake. I think he’s the perfect blend of us. I don’t really see much trace of the donor!

Mommy and Wilder’s 15 minutes of fame:

His first week was interesting and busy. You all know I love boating and wake surfing. And you know that I’ve been wake surfing while pregnant. So, while we were in the hospital we were showing a video to a few nurses and realized it was really blowing up. Several reposts on instagram (and lots of comments good and bad). When we got home, my video had about 10K views and tons of likes.

Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from Kare 11 (a local news channel here in Minneapolis). We had only been home 2 days and they wanted to come to my house to interview me about the video. So, Wilder was just 4 days old and was already on the news.

Kare 11 news story click here

Inside Edition here

After that, I was called by The Star Tribune, The Quad, ABC Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and a few others. The video made several websites and even an overseas magazine! It was even shared on The Chive – however those comments were the worst. I wanted to say back, “No uterus, no opinion” like Rachel on Friends.

We were even asked by three different companies for licensing and promotion. We don’t really know much about it, but apparently they represent the Chewbacca mom. Who knows, maybe we’ll get on Ellen.

Jake googled “pregnant wake surfer” and I was on like 5 pages of search.

We decided to go for it and see what happens. I told myself I needed really thick skin to be able to handle some of the negative feedback. But everyone will always have an opinion on everything you do. I’m pumping and letting Jake feed Wilder with a bottle (of my breastmilk), but I’m sure people have opinions on that too saying I’m a bad mom for it. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

And now here are some pictures of my ridiculously adorable baby. I think I already have 1000 pics on my phone! I take so many so I don’t miss a thing!

xoxo Kolby and Jake


One thought on “Wilder’s “Wild” First Weeks

  1. I’m so happy for you, Kolby! Reading this brings back so many memories of the first few weeks with my little guy. I knew you would be an amazing mom, but didn’t realize you’d also go and get famous while you are at it! You are definitely rocking the momming, considering how well he is growing. I hope Wilder soon realizes he is blessed in the mommy department!


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