Wookie the Chew Baby Shower

In July, the Flutter girls teamed up with Anjali from Destined Designer Events to host a shower to honor Wilder.

Since my nursery is Wookie the Chew/Woodsy theme, it was a cool and unique idea for baby boy Wilder. And the perfect place to have it was at Flutter.

There were a few hiccups with the shower and invitations, so I’ve heard many people did not receive them. I’m bummed that some weren’t aware or couldn’t make it. However, it was a lovely shower and the girls made it so beautiful. It was also special because my mom and mother in law could make it. Jackie  (stepmom and grandma #3)couldn’t come, but we know she’ll be here to celebrate soon!


[Wookie Prints by James Hance]


[Cake by Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe // Macarons by Nikkolette’s Macarons]


[Wookie the Chew mini honey jars // Flowers – Destined Designer Events]


[Cupcakes by Crave Catering // Food by Kolby, Leann, Kim, Kirby, Laura]


[Such a cute game of “Who did it?”]

IMG_2633 2

[Flutter Girls]


[We used to rule the Hertz world]


Thank you to all who made it and made this possible. Laura and Kirby will also host a Sip and See this fall to see the baby. And we’ll make sure those of you whose invitations were lost will get to come!

Thank you also Emily Fahlsing for taking some good pictures and showing so much love for Wilder and Flutter!



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