Nursery Reveal

Even before I was pregnant, I had looked at nursery ideas on Pinterest. It wasn’t until we were officially pregnant that I got excited and actually decided what the theme should be. It didn’t take me long. I found  “Wookie the Chew” and became obsessed. It’s like Winnie the Pooh, but reimagined with Han Solo and Chewie from Star Wars. I love that it’s a little different than ones I’ve seen before.

Now, this is sort of hard to describe to people. A lot of people think it’s Star Wars, but it’s not really. It’s more of a neutral/woodsy theme than Star Wars. Jake basically said, “Whatever you want” – I think he just didn’t want me to keep changing it. But he liked the storybook idea of Wookie the Chew.


[Wookie the Chew created by James Hance]

So, after a few months of searching for the right things, we finally finished our nursery. There were a few compromises and I still go back and forth with a few things. But it’s nice to say it’s finally done.

Our room is very small and oddly shaped. We didn’t plan on having the crib in the closet, but it’s so big that it’s only place that it fits nicely where it’s not in the way. I decided to not paint our room either and leave it neutral. Better for resale value/redecorating options.





[Jake installed LED lights to light up the crib. Also – the rocking chair used to be mine when I was a kid. Then given to my cousin Bailea’s daughter Ainsely, and then they gave it to Wilder]


[he already has more clothes than Jake!]



[Mirror is from HomeGoods]



It’s hard to see, but the light on the wall has green leafs on it. It’s a dim night light. We had the light and Leann had the glass part made. Here are some other details:

Rocker/Ottoman – Baby Relax from Walmart


Ikea Raskog Cart as diaper cart

Both white shelves from Target – this will be our dresser

Wilder letters from Michaels

“Never Grow Up Pillow” from Target

Wookie The Chew Prints from James Hance


[this stool was handmade in Michigan and given to us by Lyndsey and Steve Kelley! So cool]


[The changing pad cover/sheets are from Amazon. I had other ones picked out, but Jake didn’t like the idea of spending $40 for something on Etsy. So he found these for me and I actually really liked them. They add a little color]


[Fur Bins from Target]


[Shelves are from Ikea and Jake painted white]


[Handmade blanket from Etsy given by my godmother Tammy and her mom. It even has his name on it!]


[this cute little trinket is from Lyndsey Kelley and Jess Johnson]


[here’s to the little embryo that could. we can’t wait to meet you baby boy]


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