23 Weeks and baby kicks!


I thought since I had to go to a friends baby shower last Sunday, I’d take the opportunity to dress up a little and play with my new shirt and shoes!

Shoes: DSW | Shirt: Primp Boutique | Jacket: Target | Necklace: Flutter | Sunglasses: Penguin


[Jenn from Rosetree Events and I showing off our bellies]

Here is my 23 week bumpdate! 

As I’m sitting here writing this – baby boy is moving all around. I feel little flutters all over and every once and a while a few little jabs and kicks. Jake can’t feel anything just yet, but I keep making him touch my belly.

Saturday night, I fell asleep quickly. About 15 minutes later, I jumped up and yelled “Oh My Goodness Jake!” The baby kicked so hard it woke me from my sleep! I couldn’t help but laugh and smile and it was such a cool feeling. Jake was already fast asleep, so he was out of it not knowing what was going on. A big one like that hasn’t happened again.

We had our monthly doctors appointment yesterday and things are looking good! I’m growing for sure and up 23lbs! I wonder if this baby will be as big as Jake was (9 lbs).

The only pregnancy complaint right now is my acid reflux  in my throat and pain in my legs. My legs from my pelvis to my knees are numb and burning. It’s made it hard to work appointments because my legs start to hurt. Luckily, most of my brides are OK with me taking a breather and sitting for a few minutes. I asked the doctor and we agreed to do some more stretching. I’m still scared to work out, but I think I need to start doing my stretching and healthy exercises. I am still feeling my body growing and have some growing pains here and there.

My glucose test is next week – so let’s hope we aren’t worried about gestational diabetes.

I had a lot of fun when my mom came to visit over Easter. She got to see my growing belly and we shopped for the babe. His closet is already getting full!

We also started planning for Baby Shower # 1 in Burlington! It’s so fun to go over some creative ideas and plan a cute party! Thanks to my Godmother Tammy for hosting!


I’m also eating so much! I’m never full! This is basically me all day errrday:


We have also finalized our name! Eeek!  I can’t wait to share! I’m the worst at keeping these baby secrets!!

We have some fun travel plans coming up. Next week NYC for Spring Bridal Market just Jake and I. Then heading to Texas in May with the Kipp Family for a family wedding! The doctor said might as well travel as much as we can now!

xoxo Kolby


3 thoughts on “23 Weeks and baby kicks!

  1. So excited to hear all the new updates. You looking great. Quite a surprise to get such a kick in the night. Guess he wanted to play. Keep up the good job.
    With our Love…Grandma & Grandpa F.


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