IT’S A……

This week, we finally hit the half way mark. I was so excited for two reasons – we get to see our little baby again and we get to find out the gender!

It’s been so crazy keeping this secret. Our appointment was set for March 15th (which I’ve had for weeks). I wanted to keep it on the down low so I could surprise each set of parents with a gender box. I ended up caving and told my mom. She’s been great and is so excited to be surprised.

I started getting my ideas ready a few weeks ago so that when we found out, I could head straight to UPS.

The appointment went great. We saw our little one moving all around. Measuring at 12 oz and 20w2d – putting my new Estimated Due Date at 7/31. All results came back normal and good. Also measuring 51 percentile  – so it’s doing great.

Now the fun part! I got crafty the last week making my surprise boxes. It was hard to try to figure what I was going to do with three sets of parents in 3 different states. All of the ideas had been used before, so coming up with some was challenging. So, I chose three different ways to tell each of them.

We had a little glitch with shipping. Of course, you think you have everything super planned out, and then it goes wrong. All the packages were supposed to arrive by end of day yesterday. I dropped them all of at 11:30 am yesterday 3/15. That way, everyone would find out at the same time. Well, my moms package was put on the wrong truck and ended up in Spencer, Iowa. Then, it got to Des Moines. So, she got hers today (a day late). Then, I sent Jake’s parents box to Emily and Jordans (bro and sis) so we could really pull off the surprise. It didn’t get there until 7 pm. Poor Jordan had to sit there and wait and not eat dinner until it showed up. Did I mention of course they got 12 inches of snow too?! My Dad’s luckily arrived on time. So he was the first to know! I’m so excited I’m bursting to tell you guys the news!

Each box had a set of instructions they had to follow. It basically said, call either me or Jake. Do not open anything else until you call us. Facetime us, etc. It also said, to please not share or post online (Facebook/Instagram). So, it’s not their fault they’ve been keeping this secret from you 😉


[boxes assembled – now just blue or pink?]

Dad & Jackie’s Surprise in Omaha:

I gave them silly string! I thought it would be a fun surprise and involve their other grandkids. Turns out, grandkids were on spring break – but they still had fun. We included both signs just in case the boxes got a little shook up. My Dad and I are big Star Wars fans, so I kept up with the theme.


[I made the signs and instruction manual]

Scott & Leann (and Jordan & Emily) in Hermantown, MN:

I shipped this box to Emily’s so we would really surprise Leann. She had NO idea! We needed a few extra pieces with this. We decided to do an experiment. Since this is a science baby, we thought it was perfect. And it was so nice that Jordan and Emily could help. We couldn’t have pulled it off without them.

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 15

The scientific potion was a bath bomb fizzer from Lush Cosmetics . We hit up the mall and made sure to get one pink and one blue (since we still didn’t know). We did have to test it out at home without dry ice, but it was pretty cool figuring out what worked well. We put the fizzer in a pair of black panty hose and added rocks to weigh it down.

Then Jordan added the secret ingredient – DRY ICE! Thanks again Bro for going to get that!

Mom & Jeff: Burlington, IA:

I wanted to do something pretty and fun for my mom. We chose confetti poppers (available at Party City).


Instructions were pretty much the same – have someone Facetime and someone record. Go outside unless you want a messy house.


Kyle (my bro – Des Moines, Iowa):

Kyle’s isn’t quite to him yet. It’s pretty hilarious. He already knows what the gender is, but when he gets his surprise – he will be like WTF. Hopefully in a good way! Love you bro!



[Mom & Jeff]


[Dad & Jackie]


[Scott & Leann]



Our beautiful baby boy. We can’t wait to meet you!

IMG_9293 IMG_9291

[Thanks Jackie – Grandma Kipp – for this awesome shirt!]

xoxo – Kolby and Jake



2 thoughts on “IT’S A……

  1. We are so thrilled and excited. It’s been quite the journey. Proud of both of you. At times had to be tough but you have done great. And IT’S a “Jake Baby” as you have dreamed for. Looking forward to when we get to hold him and give him some love and kisses. Look you guys. Grandma & Grandpa F


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