18 weeks (19 tomorrow!)

Last Friday, Jake and I had our monthly visit with our OB. We got to hear our sweet baby’s heartbeat and it felt so good to hear it again. I wasn’t too worried, but sometimes, you just wonder if you’re doing everything right. If I wake up feeling really good I wonder what’s wrong. Even if it’s nothing. So, check up went good. I’m up about 10 lbs. It varies between 8-10 lbs.

The bed is also being taken over by pillows. I did end up buying a pregnancy pillow, but didn’t realize it’s the “mini” version and it just doesn’t work right. So, I use a body pillow between my knees, pillow on my back, and probably two more at my head. Lincoln is still unsure about it and half the time ends up on top of my pillows and pushing against Jake. Needless to say, we haven’t been sleeping the best lately. Last night I slept for probably 10 hours and didn’t even wake up once to pee. Typically, I can get up between 3-6 because the baby is on my bladder and it hurts. The back pain is still hurting. It just sucks because it’s where we were doing the PIO shots.

We hit up Ikea yesterday and picked up a few things too. While we were there, my right leg began to get numb again – so I think the baby is definitely on a nerve. We also bought an at home fetal heartbeat doppler (not from Ikea)! I can hear the baby’s heartbeat anytime I want now. It did take us about 15-20 mins to find it, but we did. The baby is sitting on the lower right side. That explains why during the TWW I felt most of the twinges and pains on the right side. The baby must have implanted on the right lower side.

[New rocker from Jake’s parents and a little rearranging]

We’ve also been talking a lot about which hospital to deliver to, daycares, and even taking a baby class. It’s nice to have friends with kids that I can text or that will bring things up to me. I hadn’t thought much about daycare, until Sara told me it took her 6 months to get into one. Being my own boss can make it easier, but I’m still very much involved it will still be hard to start getting in that mind set. I’m sure after a while they’ll get sick of me asking questions – but thank you Sara, Lyndsey, and Kristen for all our baby talks!

We find out in 2 weeks what the little baby will be – girl or boy! We are planning special reveals to each of our parents (and maybe one for Kyle). So, we won’t tell anyone until they know!

Here are some pictures updates:


[In New Orleans]


[having fun playing dress up]


[another fun bridal jumpsuit I had to try on this past Friday]


[this pic is from tonight. We got a new canopy for over the crib]

[am I growing?]


2 thoughts on “18 weeks (19 tomorrow!)

  1. You look wonderful! I hope you will become more comfortable. That baby has to be somewhere, but they sure can make you uncomfortable. I had a lot of foot in my lung! Your crib is beautiful! Enjoy your journey.


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