Nursery in Progress!

We are at 16 weeks and 2 days today! Things are moving and shaking in my uterus. I can’t feel any kicks or movement from the baby yet, but my body is being stretched a lot!

I sometimes just rub my growing belly and think, “I can’t believe I’m pregnant.” It’s been a long road and I really didn’t think I would get pregnant this quick. I for sure thought I would have to do a few cycles. I’m very lucky and blessed. Being born without reproductive parts (eggs, tubes, ovaries), you aren’t quite sure what will work or when it will work, but I’m happy my body is cooperating. It still hasn’t sunk all the way in yet.

I haven’t taken a 16 week photo (I’ll take one in the French Quarter this weekend), but here is a pic from last week:


The past few days, I’ve been very uncomfortable sitting or laying down. I can definitely feel the stretching. I asked my friend Sara if she used a certain pillow at night and she sent me a pic of one she used. As soon as I sent it to Jake:


[I can’t stop laughing at his response]

Also, the baby must be on a nerve because I have numbness in my right thigh. The other symptoms I’ve been having are headaches and exhaustion. I’m also so hungry. I could eat two bowls of cereal in the morning (and pretty much do!) – I am also wearing my first pair of maternity pants today. I am glad I gave in. I’m much more comfortable today than I have been. I’ll need to get more. And I can’t wait for spring when I can wear cute dresses.

This week, my mom and stepdad Jeff bought us a crib for the baby. It was such a great and thoughtful gift. It’s beautiful! It arrived yesterday and I was so excited to put it together.

Leann (Jake’s mom) also came down from Duluth to hang out with me (and pick up Lincoln to babysit while we are in Louisiana this weekend) and she helped paint and bought some baby goodies!


[what color are we going with?]


[the crib is huge]

We actually moved the crib to the closet to give us more room for a double rocker and a dresser. We are keeping it neutrals and will add little pops of color when we find out the gender. (We don’t have the appointment set up yet, but we’ll probably know in 4 weeks.) Then, I’m ordering my Wookie The Chew pics and clothes shopping begins! Any guesses? I’m getting a lot of ideas from family and friends, but I still don’t know what to guess!

Jake is getting excited too. I’ll have him start to research car seats, strollers, and baby monitors soon! It was fun building the crib together and didn’t take that long.


[the crib has a drawer for two purposes: storage and to keep cats out from going under it]


[notice the fur bins?! It will go great with wookie the chew! – thanks Leann!]

FullSizeRender 12

[guard dog duty]

We are off to Baton Rouge this weekend to see our best friends Karla and Chris Little & Roger! Can’t wait to see my southern girl! I’ll make sure to take a bump pic down south!


[flashback: Me & Karla in Vegas last summer 2015]

xoxo, Kolby


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