13 Week Bumpdate

The last two weeks have been going so slow. I still have little to no energy. My appetite is for sure back and I have been enjoying eating a lot.

Symptoms I’m feeling this week:

  • breaking out like whoa
  • hair is just awful – grays and it’s getting greasy
  • exhaustion
  • headaches
  • hormonal – the internet went out at work and I cried
  • my right knee injury flared up because I think baby is sitting on a ligament
  • lots of what feels like ligaments stretching in the abs (like plucking a guitar strings)
  • some cramps


[for those who always say “you don’t have any gray hair!”]

Week 13 [questions from my pregnancy journal from Auntie Emily]:

I really miss: Sushi

The most challenging pregnancy symptom for me is: exhaustion/always tired

I’m spending most of my extra cash these days on: hostess cupcakes

The one thing Jake and I want to do differently as parents is: We want to be parents like our parents.

Here’s how we think that might work out: No participation trophies. No entitlement.

We want to be the kind of parents who:

  • let you break the rules every now and then
  • trust you
  • have fun with you
  • respect you for who you are
  • teach you to be a good human being

Baby, this week I want you to know about what kind of kid I was. The truth is, I was really: a nerd with 4 eyes. I used to bite my tongue when I was mad. I was probably annoying and weird. And I was mean to your uncle Kyle. I used to dress him up like a girl a lot or make him play school and I was the teacher who made him do homework.


[13 weeks 3 days]


[Lincoln loves the lil nugget]

Also, Jake and I had a tough decision to make this week. I was reading on instagram and other websites that during the first trimester, women get what’s called an NT Scan:

[from google: A nuchal scan (NT Procedure) is a sonographic prenatal screening scan (ultrasound) to help identify higher chances for chromosomal conditions including Down syndrome in a fetus, particularly for older women who have higher risks of such pregnancies.]

I called our doctor’s office and was upset that we weren’t offered this. I was more worried because it seemed like everyone does this scan. I wondered what else we weren’t talked to about. I went ahead and had them put a referral in and book it. With this scan, you can only do it up to 13 weeks 6 days. So, we were limited with time.

After I booked it, I started freaking out. I texted my mom friends and asked them what they did. I texted my MIL and was freaking, who then called me from Hawaii. I called my mom and she calmed me down. After a while, I realized that some people do this because it’s their 1st ultrasound. It’s their first time seeing the baby, so why not. I had to decide: “is this something I need to do?” versus “do I just want to see the baby again?”

Jake and I talked about it. Would we do anything different? If we found out our little nugget had something wrong, would we terminate? I couldn’t bear the thought. I’ve been working so hard to keep this baby, the shots, the ivf, everything. It didn’t matter to Jake and I.

I called the next morning and cancelled the appointment. It felt like a huge block had been lifted from my shoulders. We have already had 3 ultrasounds. We have another one next week to check on the “vanishing twin” I didn’t need another one.

We have a great doctor and I feel like if he thought it was medically necessary to do it, then we would have. But for now, Jake and I said no. We love this baby regardless. Nothing changes.

We will go in next week for our 14 week check up and check on our vanishing twin. We will talk about our 16 week blood test (that basically tells you what the NT scan can), and schedule our anatomy scan (gender appointment woo).

I’m just sitting tight and thanking everything that I’m pregnant. It’s truly a gift and I will try so hard not to take it for granted.

Now, if I can just get Jake on board with the middle name Tiberius….even if the initials are WTF 😉

xoxoxo Kolby


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