11 Week Update

Well, we have made it to 11 weeks, Little Baby and I.

The Nausea has subsided and I have been so hungry lately. I ate so much yesterday and didn’t get full until right before bed. I am definitely feeling my bladder being stepped on, my ligaments stretching, and some other random jolts and pinches here and there. Every now and then I do get a little nauseous, but feel better that hopefully 2nd trimester is just around the corner. My store manager, Kirby, got me some preggo pops to help with the nausea. All natural flavor and they taste good! I am still super tired and could sleep and lay in bed all day. I go to CRM tomorrow morning to get more blood work and hopefully, I’m hoping so hard, that I’ll be done with my shots soon.

Jake leaves for China again this Saturday for another week. So if I’m on the shots still, I’ll rely on my employees or myself. Do you want to know what it’s like on the shots?

Today will mark the 65th shot. 65 days of a 1 inch needle full of thick oil getting injecting into the muscle. I have bruises. I have lumps. I have pain when I walk or my “back fat” jiggles. We are running out of new injection sites, so we may have injected into the same site before. It burns. Like burns really bad like you are on fire. And if you move during the shot, it hurts even worse. We have hit nerves and there is numbness. Then there is itching. So much itching. I scratch and itch, but because it’s numb, I can’t feel it. And don’t forget the blood.

Little Baby – I will take 1000 more of these to make sure you are healthy and strong. But I’m just hoping we are close to being done.

How am I doing after last Thursday? I’m doing much better. I have had a lot of support and some time to think about things. Thank you again to all of you who reached out, shared your stories, continued to pray, and let me feel what I needed to feel. I have a great group of friends and family. The support online, instagram, FB, and texting has really helped.

There has to be a reason for Baby B. I’m finding so many. Baby B gave me a glimpse into truly feeling Jake’s emotions. He doesn’t show them very often. Sometimes, because he’s so quiet, I wonder if he is excited or happy about having a baby. When we were going through this, I saw just how much he cared. He is excited. He shared the sadness with me. He let me in. It brought us even closer.

Baby B will also be there for another mother going through this same thing. As a reminder that you’ll be ok. That you will get through this even though it’s tough.

Baby B could have had health issues and a hard life, so maybe it was for the best.

Maybe with owning a business, Jake’s constant China travels, and only having one income, it was a sign that we can only handle one beautiful baby.

We will always love you. And we’re OK. Thank you for being in our lives just the short while you were.

Thursday was rough. Friday was ok. I would have a happy thought, then a sad thought. I thought about things differently. Like I used to say, “pregnant with twins” and now just “pregnant” so I’ve had to adjust what I say.

Saturday was better. Sunday was good. Sunday was great. Jake and I went to Target (a different Target than normal) and they had a giant baby section. We looked at cribs. Clothes. And then I assigned Jake to stroller, car seat, and baby monitor duty. He’s the smarty, so he gets to research those. We had a good day. We got excited about the little baby. We talked names (I think we have a winner). We looked at getting our closet in the nursery organized. And I made him stop at Wendy’s to get me a chicken sandwich. We were only gone for like 2 hrs but I was starving and didn’t think I could handle Target without some food in system.

I’m doing OK. I’m doing good. I have a little baby growing inside me. I watch the video all the time. Our little baby is the size of a poker chip! I am blessed and happy to have made it this far. I am excited.

I think he/she will be tall like Jake because in the video the legs looks so long! I’ve had 3 people tell me they think it’s a girl. We will find out for sure, but baby is just now developing their lady/man parts, so we still have to wait to find out.

I don’t get to see the baby until February 5th. Jake and I even looked at getting an at home Fetal Doppler to check the heart rate or even a sonogram that hooks up to your phone. I don’t think we’ll get one of those b/c they are pretty pricey! It was just so fun seeing the babies regularly and now it’s once a month.

I ask that instead of prayers for me, you pray for a good friend of mine, ECB. She has embarked on her 5th transfer (currently 5dp5dt). I said a prayer for her this morning. She is already a mother just waiting for her baby. I pray that she gets her miracle. Her happy ending. It’s her time.

Thank you for your blessings. Thank you for your love. Praying for you now girl!



4 thoughts on “11 Week Update

    1. I have learned a few things about the shots:
      -use a heating pad 5-10 mins prior to shot
      -put oil vial in hot water for 5 mins before (make sure oil is not super hot bc it will burn)
      -rub it out or walk around. Work it into your muscle
      -heating pad another 5-10 mins after

      I hope those tips will help! Mine didn’t start to hurt until about maybe 3 weeks or so into it! Good luck! I’m here if you need me!

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  1. Kolby it’s such a miracle every time a woman is privileged to be pregnant. I was never allowed that privilege for some reason. But I thank the Lord everyday that we were able to be parents thru adoption. This is such an amazing new world compared to “our times”.


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