Twins Basil! Twins!

Today was our first ultrasound! We got good and bad news.

The ultrasound tech said, “We have one healthy heartbeat and baby!” Then, the doctor looks and finds the second.


Baby A is strong and measuring 10 mm and 7 weeks and 1 day. Baby B has a smaller gestational sac and is measuring 6.8 mm and 6 weeks and 4 days. You can see in the picture that Baby A’s sac is much bigger.

There is a chance Baby B will not grow and kind of disappear. But, all hope is not lost. My doctor said, “we never say never here.”

Both babies have a good heartbeat and they were beating strong.

I’m supposed to eat carbs all this week. It’s been tough eating because I’ve been so nauseous,but I’ll have to do it for the babes. No exercise. No crazy activity. Lots of rest.

We go back next week for our second ultrasound and see how the babies are doing.

Thank you for all your prayers and love!!

xoxo Kolby and Jake

Can you tell how excited Lincoln is to be a big brother?! Love it!



3 thoughts on “Twins Basil! Twins!

  1. Oh my… I’m in tears… If I am this thrilled… I can’t imagine how excited you both are. We wish the best. Now girl… Eat your carbs. Noodles are good. Maybe they won’t upset your tummy. I know you are doing all the best things you can think of. And a very Happy Birthday to you. Our Love …Grandma & Grandpa F. ❌❌


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