We’ve Made it 6 Weeks!

Hey Ya’ll –

Yesterday was 6 weeks weeks for me. I thought I was lucky because I hadn’t gotten sick yet, but then today happened. Mostly I’ve just not been hungry and haven’t been interested in eating much. The last few days I had stomach aches and didn’t feel well. It’s not uncommon to have that happen. And then today, I woke up nauseous. I managed to eat cereal. Leann and I went Christmas shopping and I was taking deep breaths and was trying not to throw up. When lunch time came, I couldn’t think of anything to eat that wouldn’t make me throw up. I managed to eat a chicken parm sandwich and have felt decent the rest of the day. I have also been burping a lot. I have thrown up in my mouth a few times (ick). We bought some mints to keep in my purse and I’ll try eating crackers first thing in the morning.

I’m still tired. Super tired. So, I took a nap today.

Also, Jake is in China this week for work, and me and the animals are alone. So, because he is gone, I’ve had to enlist in getting some help for my PIO shots.


[My employee Missy helped me on Saturday]


[Leann has helped me Sunday-today]

Leann (my mother in law) came down on Sunday to help me until tomorrow. I know I could probably suck it up and do it myself, but lately, they have hurt so bad I’ve been in pain crying. I’m glad that I have a mother in law who would want to spend time with me and drive down 2 hrs just to be here to give me a shot.

We went to the store yesterday, but mostly did Christmas shopping! Three days of shopping! It’s been fun having someone else here too. I feel bad sometimes because I’ve been so sleepy and lazy. I’m so boring! I have to say I have the best mother in law. Thank you for putting dishes away, doing laundry, helping me with the house, cleaning the cat box, and just for everything you do!

Other than that – I’m just trucking along. I’m trying to drink water, eat right, and take care of myself. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I might be showing:


The PIO shots do cause bloat – I’ve been so bloated. My leggings and jeans are becoming a little tight. Only a few more days until my first ultrasound. I CAN’T WAIT!! I’m so excited – this week is going by so slow.

At least Jake will be back and my Dad and Jackie are coming to visit this weekend for my birthday. So hopefully we’ll do things to take my mind of it!

Here is a little preview from Jeannine Marie Photo of some family pics:






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