I had my second Beta HcG blood test on Wednesday (11/25) and the number was 868!!! We wanted that number to double, and it more than doubled! This is such a good sign and a big relief. However, I didn’t really have a reaction. I was so tired and had such a headache I was just like, “ya, that’s great!” and then I fell asleep for like an hour.

This is great news because it means the babies are continuing to grow. I found this online:

1st Beta (11/23) – 405

2nd Beta (11/25) – 868


[will we have one or two or more?]

We find out December 14th (my 32nd bday) how many. I didn’t think the TWW was bad, but this 15 day wait is already torture. I’ve never been so excited for my birthday! (and the fact that my Dad and Jackie are coming up to visit too)

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! We went up to Jake’s parents new house in Duluth. I pretty much slept all of Wednesday, but Thursday managed to stay awake and eat some good food. Thanks Leann for cooking! It was nice to just relax and hang out. We took some pictures outside in the snow and the rest of Jake’s family came over later for desserts.


[shots don’t stop – they drew circles b/c Jake leaves for China again and I have to do it solo. These are starting to hurt pretty bad. I cried the past few nights and my back/upper butt is getting very very sore. It hurts to walk sometimes. It’s numb and burns. Jake makes sure to rub it after and I try to get up, but when they upped my dosage – it stings.]




[some pics outside – sweatshirt is from sotaclothing.com]


[he doesn’t like hats or hoods – not impressed]

So far, I haven’t had any morning sickness, but week 5 starts tomorrow. My mom said she never had it with me or my brother. Hopefully she passed that along. There have been times that I haven’t felt good and I’ve had heartburn a few times. I’m mostly tired and thirsty. Nicole (acupuncturist) said that most times twins gain their weight in the first trimester, so to eat healthy fats and not count calories. So, I am trying to eat more healthy fats and right now obsessed with eating:


[not the prettiest, but so good! avocado on toast with garlic salt]

I haven’t had any cravings really. Not really liking eggs right now and there have been a few things that I’ve turned my nose up at, but nothing has made me sick. I am definitely getting pregnancy brain for sure. Also, I’ve gained 2 lbs. And I’m still so bloated. PIO shots I’m sure!

Jake and I hit up Target today and I came home with a few things:


[oreos, resees puffs, muddy buddies, and avocados – only a few sweets with my new books]

I told my mom and Jake’s mom they could post the news on FB, but I just haven’t yet because I was waiting to find out how many. But since I posted to my mom’s (she knows everyone) – I’m pretty sure it’s out. Just in case, I still bought pregnancy tests because it still doesn’t feel real!

Here’s a sneak peak of a possible announcement:


[get it – engineered? Jake is an engineer, we live in MN and a lab helped create or ‘engineer’ our babies!]


[So very happy!]



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