9DP5DT – Beta Day!


Well, last week I decided to take some home pregnancy tests. I wasn’t going to test. I didn’t want to. I wanted to wait until Beta day. But, I didn’t want to leave it up to one day and be anxious the whole day. So I did. I tested for 4 days.


So, I kind of had an idea going into Beta day that I might have some good results. I just wasn’t sure how good! Beta is the blood test testing for your HCG levels. HCG is only produced once the embryo has implanted and is starting to form the placenta. I wondered why I have a warm burning like feeling. Those embryos are forming quickly!


Beta #1 is 405! That’s a pretty high number and there is a good chance there are multiples. Luke and Leia and hanging in there and growing their placenta. I think the only thing I’ve done on the TWW is go on instagram and check out hashtags – #5dp5dt, #6dp5dt, #tww, #9dp5dt, etc. It’s fun knowing what other people did during it. I go back tomorrow for Beta #2. We need my numbers to double. If they are 66% higher the chance for miscarriage goes down to 15% – so 85% chance of healthy delivery!

[I am 4 weeks pregnant and due August 2nd.]

I feel like that date could change, but it’s pretty exciting.

Take that Mayo. You said I should never try. You said I could never get pregnant. Well, I am pregnant. And I’m holding onto it for as long as I can!

Jake is pretty excited too and is already helping me plan our nursery! I think he’s happy that all this time and money has paid off. We feel very lucky and blessed.

Thank you all for your baby vibes and prayers! We find out on my birthday (December 14th) if we have one or two (or three??!) ha!

xoxo Kolby


2 thoughts on “9DP5DT – Beta Day!

  1. OH we are so happy for you both. Excited big time! “ONE DAY AT A TIME”. A new experience each day or maybe even more often. Enjoy each one of them. Being pregnant is something you will have precious memories the rest of your life. Being a MOM is the most beautiful event in a woman’s life. Take care. Prayers and Lots of Love from Grandma & Grandpa F.


  2. We are thrilled for you and Jake. It will be such an exciting adventure! Lucky to live in this day and age that you could be helped. It’s all meant to be!


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