Today is the 6th day past our 5 day transfer. By now, the little guys or girls should have dug in good and are almost done implanting (or should be implanted). I have 3 more days until our Beta blood test!! What is Beta? Beta is the hcg hormone level found in your system when you’re pregnant. Typically we want  a number 30-100 (those are good numbers). If we are at 300, it could be possible that both implanted. Not certain if they will both stick around, but it will be a good sign.


[Literally what I’ve been doing all week. This goofy dog has done nothing but play and snuggle. He’s the best.]

I have been so lazy this week. I know most people don’t take a whole week (or 2) off from work. But I was lucky to have some flexibility. I just know that I can tend to get stressed easily and wanted the best chance I could for a successful transfer. I’m glad the lupron side effects have worn off. That was almost as hard as the tww.

My days this week have consisted of:

  • eating breakfast
  • taking medications
  • laying on the couch
  • watching movies
  • talking with my mom
  • getting up to pee
  • walking around
  • a trip to Target
  • back in PJ’s
  • acupuncture
  • laying on the couch
  • watching movies
  • laughing
  • PJ’s
  • dinner
  • medications
  • PIO shot
  • sleep

Basically – the laziest week I’ve ever had. It’s been nice to have my MIL and mom here to help with laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and taking care of the cats. I’m relaxing. Laughing. Crying. And bonding with the pup and my mom. I’ve tried hard not to work, but I feel the work bug creeping back and I’ve been doing a little emails today.

What I’m doing to help with transfer:

  • eating 4-5 brazil nuts daily
  • having a glass of pomegranate juice daily
  • eating a few pieces of pineapple with the core daily
  • eating soups or warm foods (first 2 days)
  • eating toast with avocado
  • drinking lots of water – my Tervis water bottle is amazing!
  • doing light gentle yoga
    • working on my breaths
    • getting blood flow to uterus
    • no core work
  • I did acupuncture the day of the transfer – once before and once after
    • also did it at 4DP5DT (four days after transfer)
    • I’ll do again on Monday 11/23 as well
  • rented funny movies – laughed a lot and even cried (Inside Out did have a sad part)
  • watched tv/movies
  • laying down staying relaxed and rested
  • staying positive
  • wearing warm socks and staying warm
  • instagramming – not sure if that really helps but what a great community.
  • taking time off of work



[The last few days snuggling the pup]


[Jake got some snuggles too]

I did cave. I bought some Home Pregnancy Tests. I talked to Nicole my acupuncturist about doing that. I wasn’t going to at all, and she encouraged me to do whatever feels right (test or not test). She said sometimes the waiting game for your beta test can cause more stress and anxiety. She said that if you do, you can give yourself a few days to prepare yourself for whatever. Either way, it’s a hard time during the two week wait. So, I had to know how I was doing. Was it risky? Yes. Do I feel better? Yes!



I know this is so early and I haven’t had my blood test to confirm. I’ve done some research on insta and what I’ve found is that most people who have done donor egg ivf who have taken (and gotten + hpt result) were in fact pregnant and either delivered are are still currently pregnant. My friend Erin said that since the line is so dark, it may be twins. Another thing I’ve found out – I didn’t have the HCG trigger shot that most IVF woman get for egg retrieval, so I don’t have any left over hcg hormones that might be creating a false negative. So it could be a real positive. I’m trying not to get too excited just yet.

So, who knows. I may be pregnant. I may not. Am I going to enjoy this and look up pregnancy announcements? Yes!

Here are some symptoms for 6dp5dt:

  • warm feeling on right side (groin/uterus perhaps)
  • tiredness
  • mild cramps late 5dp5dt and this morning

I am hopeful and excited. It’s still very early and we’ll just have to see what happens on Monday with Beta. So keep those thoughts and prayers coming. It is still a long road ahead.

xoxo Kolby




5 thoughts on “6DP5DT

  1. Kolby and Jake, keep up the good work! Keep those embryos so warm and happy they want to stay!!!!! Baby vibes are coming you way! Say hi to your Mom from me, Kolby! Love and hugs, Aunt Val


  2. Amazing!!. So exciting for you “2”…. WELL I should say 3! I really think that your friendly, cuddler…”PUP” is aware of what’s going on too. Dogs are awfully smart, as you know. Seems as though you are doing all the right things. The big day is near. Nice to have your Mom helping you. We want to include that awesome husband ” Jake” . We will be Thinking of you! Love the up dates.
    Lotza Love, Grandpa & Grandma F.


  3. Crossing fingers but either way you’ll be OK! I bought pregnancy tests when I did IUI with a trigger shot and knew that I’d get a false positive, but just wanted to know what it felt like to have a positive test result – some think it’s twisted, but hey, we do what we gotta do.Trust your gut! 🙂

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