2DP5DT – Two Days Past 5 Day Transfer

Nothing I have read about or researched about can prepare you for this moment. I’ve always seen my situation as a little different because I’ve known for so long that I would be doing this. I’ve been treating it like no big deal. A few shots, sure. Some pills, sure.

Maybe it was the valium or maybe it was me finally doing this, but I was in tears as they were transferring our two blastocyst embryos. I was not expecting to be so emotional. I told myself do not get attached. Do not get emotional. It was such a pure and innocent moment, then I’m happy to have shared it with Jake.

The night before the transfer, my mother in law Leann came down to stay with us. She brought me a little goodie bag to get through my days of bedrest. In the goodie bag of movies and macarons, was Jake’s baby blanket. The blanket he went home from the hospital in it.
Jake's Baby Blanket

We went to see the movie ‘Love the Coopers’ and have a chill night before the big day. We were set for transfer at 9:30 AM, but since I wanted acupuncture before and after, we had to tweak our schedule. We got here at 8 AM, emptied bladder, filled bladder (to help put the uterus in a good position), acupuncture and chat with Nicole (acupuncturist) – then it was time.


(this is Jake playing with my hair while I have the needles in. He said I looked like a troll. Very romantic!)

Jake and I went into the changing room to put on our scrubs. Our embryologist brought us a picture of the best of the best embryo. It was at blastocyst stage and already hatching. Which means, it’s pretty amazing and growing good. I told her that we wanted to transfer two, so she went and grabbed the second and it was time. I used the sheets they give you, but I also had them lay Jake’s baby blanket on me. They thought it was pretty cool.


(look at his smile!!)


(The valium was kicking in. I was trying not to get attached that that lil embryo. I was happy and excited.)

After the transfer. I had to lay there for 10 mins. Then I was allowed to empty my bladder. I went back into the room so Nicole could add more needles. Jake held my hand and we said a few things we were grateful for. After some tears and hugs with Nicole, we were able to leave. Not sure how I felt, but just excited, happy, and my heart could burst.

We definitely headed out to McDonald’s – but they don’t serve lunch until 11 – so we waited in the parking lot (me reclined) for 15 mins for my good luck fries.

I got home – ate my McD’s and then napped for about an hour or so. Then went to my comfy basement couch and turn on Hallmark Christmas movies. While I felt lazy, it was nice to just sleep and relax and be waited on hand and foot. Ate pineapple core, brazil nuts (which taste like dirt – really), and drank Pomegranate juice. Ate some soup and watched move movies.

Yesterday was 1Dp5DT (one day past five day transfer). I wasn’t sure what to expect. My clinic said to get up and walk around to get the circulation flowing. I still laid pretty low. Also, you aren’t supposed to lift 10 pounds, and I forgot my cat Farrah is about 12 lbs and I picked her up twice. Hope that was OK! I also headed out to Target for an hour and looked at baby clothes. I only looked, but so many things are adorable.

My mom came up to spend the week with me. We are going to watch more christmas movies, relax, and bake banana bread and cookies! This was what we did last night:

FullSizeRender 2

I keep looking online to know what to expect. What should I be feeling. What should I be doing? Instgram has been such a great community of women. I’ve found out so many helpful things and became friends with some other #ivf sisters. Should I be feeling something, should I be laying down? All of these things!

I have felt minor cramps, but nothing else. I have eaten pretty good (only had little bites of DQ). I’m not reading into anything yet. It’s still early. I’m drinking a lot of fluid and definitely peeing a lot. But here is a graph I found on insta that is kind of fun:

FullSizeRender 3

(not sure how accurate, but it’s kind of nice to know where I’m at – Day 5 was day of we transferred the two)

I call them Luke and Leia. When I was in 8th grade, we made our yearbooks. In the “Future” category, I listed a few things:

  • Be a fashion designer
  • Move to Arizona
  • Be a cheerleader for Nebraska
  • Have twins named Luke and Leia

Well, I never moved to Arizona, but I moved to Oregon. I’m not a fashion designer, but I’m in the fashion industry. And, right now, I am pregnant with twins. Stick babies stick!

Also – yesterday we got an update on the remaining embryos. They were going to keep watching the 20 to see how much more they would grow into blastocyst. Here is the update:

  • Out of 34 eggs retrieved, 25 were fertilized
  • Out of 25, 22 were growing and amazing
  • 8 are level 1 embryos – my embryologist said that they normally see maybe 1-2 level 1 embryos a week.
  • We have record breaking embryos and 20 are going to be frozen
  • Only 3 didn’t make it past fertilization

To put this into prospective – I’ve been on instgram and most numbers are 19 retrieved, 10 fertilized, 7 frozen. Or 10 eggs, 9 fertilized, 3 frozen.

Jake and 512 hit it off!

They are very hopeful for this cycle saying we have beautiful embryos. But if not, we have a nice security blanket.

(This little furbaby loves to snuggle me and has been so good about not jumping on me.)

My HCG beta test is Monday 11/23 – I’m going to do my best to not pee on a stick before then! Come on babies – stick stick stick!

For now – my week is relaxing, gentle yoga, and acupuncture.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and baby vibes I can’t believe how much support we have gotten. I am truly blessed to have you all on our journey!

I do post almost daily, so to keep up with that, you can follow my instagram @kolbtron

xoxo – Kolby



One thought on “2DP5DT – Two Days Past 5 Day Transfer

  1. I love you Kolby!! That sweet little Blastocyst is in the womb of a beautiful woman with a beautiful man at her side, and pup too who will surround it with warmth and love! I hope it gets up some fierce energy and makes that first bond…that will last a lifetime!…XOXO Leslie


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