Just a little stitious..


It’s the day before my transfer. I can barely focus on work. I’m like the kid in the Disney commercial “I’m too excited to sleep.” I am struggling to get through these last few days before transfer, I don’t know how I will do during the two week wait.

Since I began my journey and have been very vocal about it, I’ve heard a lot of things from people regarding IVF and the transfer.


IVF Transfer Day Rituals

I was with my mom when she was up a few weeks ago. I had a bride and her bridesmaid come into the store and I mentioned IVF. The bridesmaid eagerly jumped in and said, “OH MY GOD, I did IVF too and I have twin girls!” Turns out, she used my same clinic and gave me an interesting ritual.

She had heard this myth from someone. Then while she was in the waiting room, she ran into her neighbor (they didn’t know they were both doing IVF) – and she had heard this myth too. She told me that everyone she’s told it to it has worked. So why wouldn’t I give it a try:

-Wear one green sock and one yellow sock during transfer. Then get McDonald’s french fries right after. Who would argue with that. I love me some fries and chicken nuggs. Even though Jake keeps saying “Packers socks” and doesn’t really like the idea – I disagree. I found some Oregon Ducks socks. We met in Oregon – so that will add a little extra stitious.

Oregon Ducks Socks

The other IVF Transfer Day Rituals I’ve heard are:

  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Pineapple Core
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Bed rest
  • Laughter
  • Water at room temp and warm soups and foods

I love pineapple, but I am really not a pomegranate or nuts person. Not looking forward to it, but I’ll do it. We’ll try anything won’t we!

The PIO shots are manageable but you can definitely see the bruises. We had to increase our dosage and it takes a little longer to administer. Jake is handling it like a champ.


Tips for PIO:

  • Warm your bum – heating pad for 5 mins
  • Warm the vial – place vial in warm water for 5 mins
  • Shot time
  • Jake will insert and then pull up to see if we hit a vein. Once the coast is clear, it’s go time
  • After, he gives me a little massage in the spot where the shot was
  • Then I use heating pad for 10 mins
  • Then I stretch it out and walk and up and down stairs.

It seems to help. But the soreness is real. I can feel it. I’ve also been breaking out and super tired. Random crying has occurred and I think Jake is finally figured out all it takes to calm me down is a hug and back tickle.

I got the phone call today that our transfer is at 9:30 am tomorrow. All 25 embryos are still growing. Two of those 25 will be implanted tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Just a little stitious..

  1. OH we are so excited for you and Jake. And the info I just read…WOW.. COULD BE A REAL SURPRISE. YOU ARE AMAZING! Love you much. Grdpa Grdma F. ❌❌


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