Trigger Shot and Transfer Date

We got the call from our donor coordinator – She (Donor 512) is triggering TONIGHT! She has 23 mature eggs and they will retrieve on Monday!

Our transfer should be all set for next Saturday, November 14th! I’m not sure times yet, but I’m sure we’ll get an update soon.

I’m feeling much better today. After a not so great last couple of days I’m feeling more hope and encouragement. I start taking the PIO (progesterone in oil) shots tomorrow. I have a few helpful tips to try to make them less painful, but I’m sure they’ll sting a little.

What a crazy week we have ahead of us!




2 thoughts on “Trigger Shot and Transfer Date

  1. Good luck. I’m sure it is quite a journey, but will be worth it. Just think of the JOY at the end of all this. Your one BRAVE LADY AND THAT WONDERFUL PARDNER YOU HAVE SUPPORTING YOU. WE WILL BE THINKING OF YOU BOTH. LOVE YOU MUCH. GRANDMA & GRANDPA F.


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