Two more weeks until Transfer!

I had my second ultrasound and blood work this past Monday (Nov. 2nd). I went in and they looked over my chart. It still somewhat bothers me when they say, “We just want to check on the ovaries and make sure they’re quiet.” I responded with a smart ass reply, “Well, they should be silent because I don’t have any.” The nurse looked up and said mentioned that it is on my file, but she just didn’t read it. I don’t know why it annoys me.

Anyway, the only thing I found out was that my uterus lining is at a 6. They said I need to be at a 7 and so I’m very close. They mentioned that my donor wasn’t quite there yet either. I still don’t know what that means. I can’t get an update on her until this Friday. They said the doctor would take a look at my ultrasound and blood work and if I needed to add anything they’d let me know. But that no news was good news. So, as far as I know, I’m still on track.

After my appointment, I headed to my acupuncturist office for my second visit with her. I really like her. She is almost like going to therapy. She taught me a lot on how I can help balance my stress and get me at a place where I can try to change some of my habits. What she taught me back in October really helped. I am now bringing lunch to work. I’m making sure to drink water. I’m taking a look at each situation and doing what is healthy for me. I am no longer fighting and letting brides control me and my schedule. I’m taking over and working what I want to work. Long story short, I really like her and think she is a great help to my journey.

She has done some research and she does a lot of work with my clinic (CRM). Both CRM and her studies show an increased success rate in those who do acupuncture vs. those who don’t. In the infertility world, we’ll try anything if we think it will help.


This treatment, she hooked me up like I was a car battery. Little electric waves helped get the blood flowing to my uterus. She said this well help make my uterus “fluffy.” She also recommended to eat some red meat to help with the blood flow. I’ll also see her this Friday, once next week, and then again the day of the transfer. I don’t instantly feel relaxed, but after 25 minutes of laying down, I did wake up feeling rested and energized.

Nicole (acupuncturist) said that she can already tell that I have made some changes and that I continue to try to improve. It’s nice that she’s also the business owner and I can relate to her. It kind of helps me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy venture I got into.

Lupron Shots Suck

Luckily, the lupron shots have stopped. I can definitely feel my energy coming back up and I am able to focus on work again. I’ll try not to get used to this because once the donor triggers, the progesterone shots start. From what I’ve read, they tend to mimic pregnancy symptoms and I’ll most likely be tired again. It’s worth it! I can do it! I’ve come so far already.

CRM Cycle

Update: (if all is still on track)

Donor triggers this SUNDAY (Nov. 8th)

Egg retrieval Tuesday (Nov. 10th)

Embryo transfer Sunday, November 15th

I remember being 18 and thinking that babies were so far into my future. When I met Jake,  I told him about IVF. Again, I thought that was so far into my future. This year when I’m like, well, I’ll be 32 we should give it a go. And now it’s seriously only 2 weeks away. I really can’t believe it’s go time. It’s still crazy to think about. Maybe it will hit me when I’m actually pregnant.

Hot Cocoa Weather

For now, I’ll enjoy hot chocolate and get excited to start decorating for Christmas. After the transfer, I plan on watching as many holiday movies as I can while I’m on bedrest. I will admit, I already have one tree up. It’s a small one!

Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts! I’m ready to kick infertility’s butt!


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