Side Effects

I’ve always known that if I wanted kids, I would have to go to extreme measures. Whether that was adoption, surrogacy, or trying IVF. With some encouragement from my doctor, I decided to go through with IVF and give it a shot. I look at Jake’s baby pictures and want that little cute boy thats just like him.

When we had our donor and were ready to go, I didn’t really do much research on the drugs I’d be putting into my body. I am trusting that the doctors know what they are doing and what they are giving me. Too many times we go to google and think we know everything, so I just didn’t really hit up dr. google.

Not that I necessarily should have, but I was getting really sick one day. It was about 4 days after I started the Lupron. So, I looked up side effects. I found something that caught my eye:

“Some women without ovaries, or with non-functioning ovaries, will not need to use Lupron. they will simply stop their usual hormone replacement regimen, get an ultra sound and blood work, and then start estrogen.”

Since I don’t have ovaries, it concerned me. I called the RE and they explained that they are just trying to quiet my system down and make my uterus relaxed and comfy (well, lots of sciencey things were said, but thats what I get out out of it).

So, it’s been 18 days since I’ve started the juice. I’ve had massive headaches every other day. As I was in line at Target to get Tylenol, I had to grab the wall and try not to pass out. The only thing that’s gotten me through those days has been diet pepsi or dr. pepper.

Not only do I have migraines, I am extremely tired and lazy. How is that possible? I was working last week and I couldn’t keep up with the phones or emails. I love helping my brides and being excited, but I’ve lost a little bit of that. It all of a sudden became harder to concentrate or get my work done. I’m normally fine working by myself, but lately, I’ve just wanted to get done with work and go home to bed. When I get home, I can’t even sleep and stay up way too late because I can’t stay asleep.

I know this is what I have to do and I am not complaining. I just wish I would have known that I would feel this way and maybe would have scheduled myself a little differently.

It was nice that my mom came to visit last week. Jake is in China for 2 weeks (he gets home this Thursday!) so she came up to keep me company while he’s gone. It was nice to have her here, but I just felt bad all I wanted to do is watch tv and sleep.

Does anyone else have these crazy lazy/tired/headache/upset stomach symptoms from Estrace and Lupron?

Next Monday (11/2), I hit up the RE again for blood work and an ultrasound. Most likely, I’ll be started on PIO shots. Can’t wait for them to draw nice circles on my upper butt region. Hopefully, my uterus is ready and cooperating. Donor 512 is set to trigger November 8th, but I can’t call for an update on her until November 6th.

In other news, I hired a new manager for Flutter. She started  yesterday and I am thrilled to have her take over and run the store so I can focus on babies. Once Laura is back from her month off for rehearsals for Sister Act, the store will be back on top. During the two week wait my mom will come back up,we’ll watch christmas movies, and I’ll be off work for a week and a half.

Only 19 more days….let’s do this….

If only my focus and energy will come back…


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