Shots and Bridal Market

Hey All –

It has been a crazy busy last few weeks. I have a few updates on our progress!

Last Wednesday, we hit up our clinic and had our RN consultation. There, we went over my medications and timeline for when and much to take them. We also learned how to administer the shots. I can do the Lupron by myself, but boy is Jake not looking forward to the progesterone shots. He looked like he was about to pass out. I’m not really looking forward to it either, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! We forked over all of our monies for our final payment. It was hard, but a big relief to know that we’re moving forward. It’s go time. We’re doing this!

Saturday started my first round of shots! We arrived to NYC for Bridal Market and I got to start it off with a nice cocktail of Lupron, Birth Control Pills, and my daily vitamins.


I will continue my Lupron until the end of the month. I start my estrace (estrogen pills) next week and my dosage of meds change as well. Today was my last day of birth control pills. It’s crazy that I’ve been on those since I was 18 for hormones and can’t even get pregnant! Oh well – let’s hope all this works!!

I’ve done yoga a few times. I’ve done my acupuncture. I’ll most likely keep doing them, but just need to get on a good schedule. When someone quits the store, I’m the one who ends up having to work all the time. So, I’ll get back in routine. I’m working on my stress and turning my brain off. I’m working on drinking more water and eating better. It’s a slow process, but I’m tying.

My first ultrasound is this coming Monday 10/19. We’ll do a blood draw and see how my uterus is. It’s funny, when we were at our appointment, they said, “We’ll want to check how your ovaries are doing” I had to correct them and say, “well it should be fine since I don’t have any.” They are treating me as if my ovaries failed, so I guess it’s protocol.They seemed pretty confident that I’ll be pregnant. Come on uterus. I need you! I know they want you to feel excited too, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I have to be somewhat realistic.

Donor 512 should trigger November 8th. Retrieval November 10th. Transfer November 15th. That’s like a month away. A MONTH!

Jake and I have always said we would transfer two embryos. I still want to. Now, Jake is a little nervous. Mostly because he says I’m so small he wants me safe and no complications. I vetoed his decision and said we are doing 2. We’ll see if he comes back around.

I can’t believe in a month I will be pregnant – well pregnant until proven otherwise! I’ve decided to take a week or so off work so I can try to relax. I know it’s not recommended for everyone, but if you knew me and my stress, it’s the best idea. I can’t wait to be laying on my couch in my warm socks from Erin, with my mom watching christmas movies. Hopefully they will be cozy in there!

So far, I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in my mood or body from the Lupron. I know I didn’t eat much in NYC, but I think it’s because we got busy! Here’s a little sneak peek at my most amazing market yet:


The best damn sales rep ever Nathalie ❤


Us ladies with Don (Theia Designer), wearing Theia Couture loaned to us from the designer himself. (epic).IMG_5804

The Knot Couture Show on Sunday with Leann (mother in law), Karla (bestie), and Emily (my sis)IMG_6148

I don’t carry Hayley Paige at Flutter, but she is so darn sweet! IMG_6171

Being instagrammed by Jaclyn…check! This is what we do after Gala’s didn’t you know? Sit on stairs!IMG_6174

That time the president of Theia and the designer let you try on dresses and then borrow them for the Martha Stewart Party and The Knot Gala. (This was my Carrie Bradshaw moment)! IMG_6074

I also got to see some of my family while in town! Aunt Susan and Cousin Conor! IMG_6175

Celeb sighting – Martha! I don’t know the other blonde chick, but I could like touch her! IMG_6166

Martha Party that we snuck into!


Rocking our Theia Couture Gowns at The Knot Gala!


Hanging out at the Leanne Marshall Atelier with Leanne and Nathan!

I’m hoping the next few weeks go by smoothly. I am excited. I’m scared. But I can do it!

Please send baby vibes my way!!!!





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