The Call and Donor 512

Our 2 year anniversary

Monday, August 31st 2015 – our 2 year anniversary!

It’s been a week even 13 years can’t prepare you for. I received the phone call last Monday, on our 2 year anniversary. My donor coordinator said that she found us an egg donor. When I had called in Mid August, she said that she was anticipating call us sometime in September. There was a small delay with a new test they rolled out. We were 8 on the list. So, when I got the call earlier than I thought, I was stunned. Again, I’ve known about my condition for some time and I’ve know that I would possibly going through this someday. But it doesn’t hit you, until it’s real. Until it’s happening.

I teared up right away. As she’s reading me, “She has brown curly hair, brown eyes, and is 5’4″”, I was excited, nervous, and scared. I wondered if Jake would be excited too? I decided to texted him and said, “they found us a donor.” He said, “yay! are you excited?” Of course I was. Little Jake babies.

Donor 512

I know that he would be, but with that, comes the stress and worry about the money. The cost of IVF. Something he signed up willingly when he decided I was the one. ย So what are the costs of IVF?

$4000 donor costs

$15850 Clinic costs

$1000 Freezing of embryo’s (if any are left)

$3000-$5000 Donor meds

$650 my meds

Not to mention what we’ve already paid:

$2000 in ultrasounds, SIS, trial transfer

$380 Jake blood work

$624-$650 Jake SPA

$445 Jake testing

$185 Psych consult

Don’t forget time and stress – arguments – Good days – bad days and we haven’t even started with the injections yet. Jake is still pretty nervous about giving me those shots, but I’m sure it can’t be that hard.

We know it will be worth it in the end. All the money issues and stress will go away once we hold that baby (or babies) in our arms.

Now, for the exciting part! Jake and I signed the documents and accepted Donor 512! We’ve seen her stats, family history, and even a baby picture. Jake is excited! I am excited! We’ve paid our down payment today ($4000 bye bye) and next step will be scheduling.

She has donated twice before. The first time, they retrieved 34 eggs. She’s #bfp (pregnant) on first try and have 7 frozen embryos left. The second time, they retrieved 40 eggs. They are still awaiting a transfer (recipient uterus wasn’t ready).

When she did her ultra sound and follicle monitoring for this go around her baseline showed 23 eggs on the right ovary and 19 eggs on the left side. It’s looking good!

Sometime this week, I’ll be getting the call to talk about syncing our cycles and scheduling the next steps leading up to the transfer. Most likely, I will be scheduling the transfer sometime in November, but we’ll see how it goes.

It’s time to do this. After 13 years, it’s my time and I want to try. After all the no’s, and you shouldn’t try. After all the money I’ve spent. After my trip to the Mayo clinic. After many doctors laughing at me saying, “you don’t have any ovaries.” After all this. It’s time.

Decision Time

We’ve made our decision! Yes to Donor 512




7 thoughts on “The Call and Donor 512

  1. Congratulations!! I am going through donor egg IVF myself (transfer is late next week) so I definitely know what you’re going through at least from the in vitro perspective! Our donor is “214” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m amazed at how much you are having to pay – our whole bill is $18K including the donor fee! If you have health insurance that doesn’t cover IVF, still try to take the prescriptions in and charge to your insurance – I found that the injectables were actually partially covered because the drugs are not just for IVF. And save all your receipts as you can deduct these on your taxes as medical expenses!! We put everything on our mileage credit card so if nothing else, we’ll get half a trip paid for ๐Ÿ™‚


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