The Colonoscopy

I wasn’t nervous for the colonoscopy, I was nervous for the prep day before. No one wants to spend hours in the bathroom with nothing to do. As we all know, time is money, and lately, I always feel like I have no time. Well, for all of those who haven’t had a colonoscopy yet, it’s not as bad as it seems.

They always say to not research things online and this time they were right. The horror stories. Well, none of those were exactly true for me.

The prep day:

I started my day with liquid as suggested. Then moved on to the tablets. Then at about 5:00 PM I took the 64 ounces of gatorade and Mirelax. I didn’t end up in the bathroom until about 6:00 PM. Around 6:30 PM, I was so full and bloated, I started vomiting blue gatorade and water. For about an hour.

Because I am normally a light eater, I didn’t have much to “clean out” – so when you are full and can’t drink anymore, maybe take a half hour break from the 8 oz glass every 15 minutes.

I was so hungry and honestly didn’t spend the night in the bathroom. I was a little nauseous, but overall, pretty good. I even was able to watch a movie.

The day of…

I went in at 10:30 so they could start prepping. At 11:30, I was sedated. Around 12:40, I woke up and they gave me banana bread and water. It tasted so good!

At 1:00, they released me and we went to Key’s Cafe to have lunch. When I got home, I was pretty tired still, so I slept another 3 hours.

I was still “out” when the doctor came in to talk to Jake. She didn’t find anything cancerous, no colitis, or chron’s (so he says). They did take some biopsies and I had a little bleeding. We should find out those results in about a week, but overall, I think I’m OK.

It really wasn’t all bad. I think we just have it in our heads that it’s this horrible ordeal. It wasn’t pleasant, but it didn’t hurt as much as the saline sonogram! No Mom and Dad – it’s your turn!

I am ready for August to get here and for us to get some profiles for a donor egg. Thanks for all your positive thoughts!

xoxo Kolby


2 thoughts on “The Colonoscopy

  1. Kolby and Jake. This will all be worth it . Lots of hurdles to jump over tho . I know a girl who is getting ready to have their first son and she’s 33. They went thru IVF. And a lot before that. Best of luck! I can’t wait to hold your new baby in the future !!!!!


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