Hey All –

This month has been a crazy, stressful, and exciting month. With all of that said, I’ve decided to move up some of the tests that Jake and I need to do.

In June, I will have my saline infused sonogram which will ultimately determine whether or not I actually can carry a child. The ultrasound will check the lining of my uterus and see if there are any abnormalities. If there are any polyps, it’s is most likely that IVF would be unsuccessful.

If we do get to that point or if that happens, I’d rather know now. Jake and I are on the waiting list for an egg donor. What would be the point of that if I can’t carry?

Jake will also do some testing as well. He is really looking forward to that.

It’s starting to become real and I’m starting to get a little more scared. I know it’s exciting, but it’s also confusing. I’m just hoping to get some final answers and then we can move forward, either with IVF or looking into other options.



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