Our IVF Timeline

Happy  Tuesday! I wanted to outline our timeline and go over the process. My blog posts will be fewer right now but once we have more testing and info, I’ll pass that along!

We don’t have your normal TTC (trying to conceive) timeline since I’ve known about this since I was 18. But there is still a lot that we have to do to prepare.

January 2015 – appointment with new doc at CRM (Center for Reproductive Medicine)

March 2015 – Therapist appointment (more about this after our timeline)

June 2015- Jake gets his specimen testing and STD screen

August/September 2015 (a big month for me):

  • ABO Rh and Red Cell Antibody screen
  • STD screen
  • Saline Infused Sonogram ($1400 big ones yikes)
  • Trial Transfer
  • IVF conference with doc

In an ideal world…..

October 2015 – Accept egg donor (details coming soon)

Nov-Dec 2015 – Sync my cycle with donor

Dec 2015-Jan 2016 – egg retrieval and implantation

Therapist Appointment:

For couples using the donor egg program, it is required that they go see a therapist. This can be a very emotional time for a lot of couples and they want to make sure that you have someone to talk to.

The outline is talking about the decision to use donor eggs, grieving the loss of genetic connection, screen of donors, sample donor profiles, recipient profile form, and disclosure to child and others.

The first thing she asked us was, “So how long have you been trying?” Jake replies, “We haven’t.” She looked very confused. We filled her in on our situation and then rearranged what she was talking about.

The helpful part was the resources she gave us for the future. Books and websites to help tell our little one (or ones!).

She signed off and approved us and we were sent our donor egg program paperwork. It took Jake and I a week to fill that out, but it was basically a list of traits or characteristics that we look for in a donor. Once we submitted that, we were on the donor waiting list.

In about 4 months, we will start being matched with our egg donor. Once we accept our donor is when we start the cycles and pay the big bucks.

More about that process coming soon!

xoxo Kolby



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